Waste and recycling in the Colonies

The council are improving your waste and recycling service to make it easier for you to recycle.

The materials you put in your bins and boxes will change:

  • your green wheelie bin will be used for collecting recycling
  • you will receive a new smaller grey wheelie bin for any waste that can’t be recycled
  • a new collection calendar
  • you will no longer need to use your red recycling box.

From 1 September we will begin the rollout of the new recycling service in phases across the city, and it will be complete by summer 2015.


  • Green bin – Waste that can’t be recycled
  • Blue box – Glass, tins, batteries, paper and textiles
  • Red box – Plastic bottles and cardboard
  • Food waste caddy – All food waste
  • Brown bin – Garden waste

New service

  • Green bin – Tins, cans, paper,cardboard, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • Blue box – Glass, batteries, small electricals and textiles
  • Red box – No longer used
  • New Grey wheelie bin – All waste that can’t be recycled
  • Food waste bin – All food waste
  • Brown bin – Garden waste

All your recycling in the green bin and blue box will be collected on the same day every two weeks.

Your red box will no longer be collected. You can keep it for storage or we will collect it and recycle it. Please leave it empty on the kerbside beside your blue box or you can take it to a community recycling centre.

What you need to do

Look out for information in the post. If you are affected, we will send information to you ahead of the changes explaining what you need to do. Find out when your bin and recycling days are changing.