SCRA Annual General Meeting 2023

Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association AGM

Thursday 30 March 2023
7.30pm at Tanfield Bowling Club
25 residents in attendance


  1.  Apologies: Lady Bute, Keith Bennett, Nikki de Prey
  2. Minutes of 2022 meeting – accepted
  3. Election of SCRA committee -re-elected. Sarah Hill stepping down.
  4. Election of SCRA street convenors – re-elected
  5. Annual Reports – Accounts 2022/23 were tabled. Gus talked through the figures. Gus reported a small loss this year. Quiz night has been postponed to later in the year. Ceilidh numbers were down and small loss of £45 logged though evening was enjoyed by all. Thanks given to Caro and Ruth who staffed the door. Sustainable Heating: Geoff reported on open public meeting in June 2022 at Edinburgh Academy which was well attended. Generated a lot of enquires to Home Energy Scotland about insulation. Another meeting is being planned on insulation and double glazing.
  6. Note of Thanks: Thanks given to Rose Pipes andIan McLean for production of very helpful guidelines on insulation and windows. Hal Osler met with Planning Dept on suggestion submitted to simplify planning process for window replacement and upgrades. Community Garden: Thanks toHelen Jamieson and Amanda Bennett for their continuing work on the Community Garden. Grapevine: Thanks to Jane Wood and Ian Chardfor all their work on the Grapevine. Thanks also to Sarah who steps in when Jane is away. Jane asked if anyone else would like to volunteer to act as back-up. Carol Singing: Thanks to Ian Maclean and Jane Wood for organising. Street Convenors: Thanks to all for continuing with their representation for their streets
  7. SCRA Committee Note of Thanks: To Sarah Hill for her contribution to the SCRA Cttee and for all her work organising the 2022 Yard Sale
  8. Yard Sale: Jane Wood is leading on this for 2023.
  9. Speakers: Andrea Scholes: Gardening in the Colonies – list of recommended plants will be sent round Grapevine and posted on Colonies website. Andrea said that small gardens can be more difficult to design than larger ones. She then gave us a very informative talk, aided by Geoff Calder, on all the plants and trees that would be suitable for our gardens with emphasis on scent and colour and seasonal appropriateness. Special mention was made of Joan Battersby’s garden in Hugh Miller Place as one which is beautifully designed and planted.
  10. Flooding: Rose Pipes and Anne Liddle reported on the flood of 30 December 2022 when Bell and Teviotdale and Avondale Places experienced flooding. Residents called Fire Brigade and Council and it took until 3pm until Council arrived. The Flood Defence team were asked how they monitor water levels. There’s a measure in the river at Roseburn which measures capacity and triggers action if it rises above a certain level. The Council can also see when the river will peak. The Falshaw Bridge has not been tested since 2013. River level was higher than when Colonies were flooded in 2012 demonstrating that the flood defences work. The Council says they will test the gates but it takes a 4 month lead in to test the barriers, it may be done this summer. The demountable barriers need a key which the flood defence team (4 staff for the whole of Edinburgh) did not know where it is kept. This is being addressed. Communication issues were also discussed and this has to be improved. One suggestion is an auto notice to Grapevine. Emergency Flood line did not function on the day. One of the valves in the flood wall was not functioning properly which also contributed to the water coming over the wall. Council don’t supply sandbags anymore. Floodsax can be bought instead. Flood Defence Team are in the process of digitising their system for reporting problems in the same way as street lights can be located online and reported. Flood defence support is a resource issue for the City. It was pointed out that the weak point in the flood defence is Bell Bridge itself and until this is addressed flooding will recur. This flood risk has inflated the cost of flood insurance for residents in Bell Place. Water ingress happens through the bridge itself when the river is high. Bill Brownlee bought a hose and submersible pump and advised that other residents in vulnerable streets could invest in this. Thanks to Rose and Anne for reporting back on this and also to Nikki de Prey who was involved in the discussions with the Council and Flood Defence Team.
  11. Meeting ended at 9pm.