Rocheid Path – volunteering sessions in July

Mark Davies is kindly organising 3 sessions, at various times of day, in the coming fortnight (always meeting on Bell Bridge):
– Saturday 13th 10am-midday
– Sunday 14th 2-4pm
– Wednesday 17th 6-8pm

Mark has planned for the best of the weather and avoiding the Euros final. The aim will be to keep on top of the things like poplar and sycamore saplings, laurel regrowth, nettles and thistles encroaching on the path itself.

If you have gardening gloves, do bring them along and any tools like forks, secateurs, loppers etc are always useful to supplement the tools available. If you are hoping to come along, let Mark know beforehand on As always, there’s no problem if you subsequently can’t make it, but it allows him to plan jobs accordingly if there are more than 5 folk at any one session. All welcome!