Plumbing and sewage in the Colonies – important information

Due to the age of the plumbing in the Colonies, it is essential not to flush anything apart from toilet paper and flushable sanitary products down the toilet. The Victorian plumbing system simply cannot cope with anything else, including wet wipes of any kind even if they say “flushable”.

If you have a blocked pipe in your house and/or blocked sewage drains please make sure that any plumbers you call in to repair and rectify the problem do not use water jets to clean the blockage.  The jets damage the plumbing and can cause a sewage leak. This has already happened to some residents, where the use of water jets resulted in the joint of a pipe being blown. This led to the entire underfloor filling with sewage, months of repairs and sanitisation, and a hefty insurance claim. Please emphasise this to the sewage company to avoid this happening to anyone else.

If you let out your property on short- or long-term lets, please ensure that this information is passed on to the letting agent, tenants and is displayed in the property.