Our Grapevine

If you’re new to the Stockbridge Colonies, you may have been welcomed by your street convenor who will have mentioned our Grapevine service to you when they handed you your resident pack.

All residents are encouraged to subscribe to the Grapevine which is an excellent communication tool for us all, providing many a solution to many a predicament!  If you can’t find the answer to your Colonies-related query on this website or on our Facebook page, then the Grapevine is your next port of call!  The sort of things which crop up are requests to borrow items, offers of freebies, neighbourly help needed…

To have your details included along with the other 270 residents in our mailing list, please email coloniesgrapevine@gmail.com with your name and address and then you can reap further benefits from living in this genuine community!