October 2012 Meeting Notes


Present :- Ian Cunningham, Gill Brittle, Jane Wood, Dorothy
Dobson, Amanda Bennett, Caro Tulloch, Jean Butterworth, Morag Fitchet.
1.     Apologies. Chris Lumb and Isobel Bathgate sent their apologies.
2.     A warm welcome was extended to Amanda Bennett who has kindly volunteered to join the committee. Thanks Amanda! Amanda has also agreed to take on role of Street Convenor. Action: Isobel to update list of Street Convenors.
3.     The meeting note from the meeting on 6th August was accepted.
4.     Dates for Your Diary.
Pumpkin Planting.  Due to the bad weather, the pumpkins didn’t grow too well so this event was cancelled. Sec Note :- Jane S will however do a pumpkin/haloween event on 28th October.
Creative Colonies. Jane has been liaising with Colonies residents to set up a “Creative Colonies” afternoon on Sunday 11th November, 2 – 5 pm. Around 13 houses are signed up to take part. Posters and flyers have been done. On sale will be jewellery, cards, paintings, photographs. Since it’s in November, the event must take place inside people’s houses. The event will be publicised via posters etc, website, grapevine, Stockbridge Spotlight. Jane asked if the SCRA could fund balloons. This was agreed as was not asking the participants for a contribution to SCRA funds since it’s Year 1 and also, has been organised and marketed by the Creative Colonies participants.
Carol Singing. Sunday 16th December was agreed as a suitable date. The Colonies Choir is being set up to
sing at this event and also as a fun event for residents, families and friends.
The Life Care Centre has been booked for 11th October and a choir master has been recruited. It was agreed that SCRA funds would support the first night to encourage all to attend further rehearsals.
A poll has been placed on the website to vote for which charity will receive the proceeds of the Carol Singing. Voting will be allowed until the end of October.
Quiz Night. Davie Cunningham has volunteered to be the quiz master. It will be held at Tanfield on Friday 8th February. Action: Gill to book Tanfield and organise quiz.
AGM. Gill reported that Carol at Tanfield had asked if the AGM could be help on a Thursday night as there are
activities scheduled for a Wednesday that would need to be cancelled for that night to make way for the AGM. No objections were raised and so Thursday, 21st March is scheduled for the AGM. Action:Gill to book Tanfield.
Guest speakers were discussed and it was thought that a representative from the Water of Leith Conservation Trust would make an interesting speaker. This would be interesting especially if the talk came from
the historical perspective of the area. Action: Gill to contact the Trust.
Garden Competition. Jane said that Simon our 2012 judge had thoroughly enjoyed the job of judging the
gardens and had the 2013 judge lined up already! Brilliant!
5.     Flood Prevention. Chris has sent an update.
Falshaw bridge to be open by week ending 9th November. Sewer relining should be completed by week ending 5th October. No dates for Bell Bridge opening yet. Rose Pipes is still awaiting a response from the
Councillors about flood works related damage claims.
6.    Environment. Chris is still awaiting a reply for his Freedom of Information question relating to the Snakey and plans for maintaining it once the grant the Colonies received is finished.  See next item too.
Saxe Coburg residents will be updated as to progress made to alleviate their concerns. Action: Ian.
7.    Update from Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting.
Ian received clarification from Steve Cuthill of CEC that CEC would take over maintenance of the Snakey once the grant made out to the Colonies had been used up. The land is council land and no missives were signed to pass the ground away from the council. Therefore it remains Council ground and it is their
responsibility to look after it. The meeting agreed that although £800 is left from the grant, 2013 will be the final year that SCRA coordinates the pruning and tidy up. Action: SCRA to write to CEC
and notify them of this.
Police report presented at NP meeting did not mention the cars broken into in Hugh Miller Place. Inverleith
Terrace had also had a major break-in.
The Environment Wardens are still patrolling the area and are now wearing body cameras.
8.    Friends of Rocheid Path. The Planting plans from
Lagan are being scrutinised and Rose Pipes is actively following this up. The plans are not as originally agreed. Residents of Reid Terrace are also alarmed that changes to the river bank is changing the shape and flow of the water.
Grapevine brought in an additional three attendees to Fof RP meeting. AGM is 19th November in Stockbridge Library. The minutes of the FofRP meetings will be sent out via Grapevine / website.
9.    Newsline. All articles to get to Isobel by 5th October.
10.  Website. No update.
11.  Grapevine. Very active just now with 184 members. Again, the meeting agreed that notices sent round are for information only. No disrespectful emails will be sent out. No advertising either.
12.  AOCB.
Morag asked if Visitors permits were allowed in the mews. The answer is still yes although not all traffic wardens are aware of this.
Caro asked everyone to contact Clarence about the lights being out on Gabriel’s Road as it makes the steps very dark.
Ian said he would contact the Council about getting the pillars and gates from Bell Bridge back from storage and installed at the bottom of the Snakey. Lagan were going to pay for this but that needs to be clarified.
The pillar at the top of Bell Place has been damaged and although the base has been repaired and restored, the pillar is still absent. This has to be followed up.
The new welcome leaflet has been issued to Street Convenors. All agreed that it’s very useful. It will be circulated via Grapevine/website too.
Pavements. This topic will be brought back once Flood Defences work has
been completed. Improvement of Bell Place pavement as agreed at NP meetings
will be raised again as will lowering of the pavements between the street for
pushchairs and wheelchairs.
13.  Date of next meeting – Monday 3rdDecember.