October 2010 meeting notes

Stockbridge Colonies Residents’ Association Committee – Meeting note from meeting on 4th October 2010.

Attendees; Ian Cunningham (Chair), Gill Brittle (Secretary), Chris Lumb, Dorothy Dobson.

1.      Apologies were received from Isobel Bathgate, Jane Wood, John Garrick, Jean Butterworth, Morag Fitchet, Jane-Marie Smith.

2.      Since only four committee members were present it was decided to organise the November meeting and leave other business to that meeting.

3.      November SCRA Meeting. Tanfield Bowling Club has been booked for 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th November. All Street Convenors and any residents interested in the meeting will be invited to attend. One free drink will by purchased from association funds for each attendee. Proposed agenda attached.

4.      Date of Next Meetings.  

·        Wednesday 24th November at Tanfield Bowling Club. Please note 7.30pm start time.

·        Monday 6th December at Dorothy’s. 8pm. This meeting is to progress actions from the November meeting in a timely fashion. If matters are non-urgent then the matters arising will be progressed at the February meeting and this meeting cancelled.