October 2013 Meeting Notes

SCRA Committee meeting, Monday 14 October 2013


Attended by Ian Cunningham, Dorothy Dobson, Caro Tulloch, Joan Battersby, Amanda Bennett, Ian Mclean

Apologies from, Amanda Farquhar Scott, Isobel Bathgate, Jane Wood


1. Matters Arising


a. Treasurers post


MF has confirmed that she is willing to continue as treasurer, but not attend meetings, until the next AGM.

Current balance is £2839, including £862 in the funds that were provided to upgrade the Snakey




Everybody expressed regret that the ceilidh had been cancelled but agreed that it had been the correct decision.

All acknowledged the generosity of the band and the venue in not asking us to pay anything. It was agreed that we should not rule out a similar event at a future date and we can revisit the possibility at a later date. It was suggested that we might need to rethink the idea of only selling tickets via Bliss, and that, although selling tickets through street convenors involves a great deal more work, it might ensure more community involvement and get a better response.


2. Diary Dates


Creative Colonies scheduled for 10 November, and all seems on track, with a good range of participants

Carol singing will take place on 15 December, with a collection for Alzheimers Scotland

AGM – agreed to set date at December meeting

Quiz Night – agreed that it would be good to repeat. IC will ask DC if he is willing to be quizmaster again


3. Flood Prevention

Discussion focused on IM’s report on the current situation i.e. Lagan are no longer involved. The council is currently trying to recoup money from Lagan for unfinished work. It will then decide what further work will be done in the light of what funds it can make available.

It was agreed that we should continue to highlight our priorities, and also to inform the council that we will now take over responsibility for any further work in relation to the garden at Falshaw Bridge. It was agreed that we would authorise AF to take forward her plans for the garden, and it was also agreed that, if necessary, funds could be available.

IM will write to the council to ask for some feedback on the trials of the demountable flood defences on 9 October.


4. Environment


a. Traffic issues

Discussion focused on an issue raised by a resident whose child cycles to school along Glenogle road, and who is concerned at the volume of traffic at that time in the morning, caused principally by parents taking their children to the Academy. The meeting shared this concern, and it was agreed that IM should raise the issue with the school.

In view of the fact that there seems to be a large number of traffic issues at present (Academy traffic; 20 mph limit; extending double yellow lines in colonies streets; Weekend parking on Glenogle road; Damage to bollards) it was agreed that a sub group should be formed including IM, AB, CT (and any other volunteers) to develop a coordinated approach with the council.

b. Wall at Snakey/Baths

IM reported on his most recent discussions with the council. They acknowledge that work needs to be done, although there is no immediate danger, but, before anything further can be done, they need to establish who owns the wall.


c. Pavement/street lamp upgrading

IM reported on his most recent discussions with the council. The next phase of work will be in Rintoul/Hugh Miller, although only damaged pavements will be replaced. Although the plan had been to upgrade the street lights at the same time as work was carried out on the pavements this was not possible because the appropriate lights were not available. IM will try to establish whether the council still plans to upgrade the street lights even though the work on the pavements has ended.


d. Gabriels Road

It was agreed that IM should contact the council about the steps at Gabriel’s road which are slippy and dangerous because of wet leaves.


5. Neighbourhood Partnership

Nothing to report


6. Friends of Rocheid Path

Minutes of their recent meetings had been circulated. Their next meeting is the AGM on 4 November.

IC will arrange to put a notice in the notice board.


7. Newsline

The meeting considered the article written by a colonies’ resident and agreed that, although not appropriate for the next Newsline, it would be appropriate to make it available on the website. IM will put the resident in touch with IB.


8. Grapevine

We discussed the issue of what is suitable material for Grapevine. We agreed to discuss it at the next meeting in order to try to agree on some guidelines to share with residents, and to ask JW to report to the next meeting on her current experience, and how she currently manages the issue.



a. IC reported on communication he had had recently with a resident from Abbeyhill Colonies regarding the materials used in repairing pavements. The meeting supported IC’s response, which was that this had not been identified as an issue in Stockbridge.

b. It was noted that JW has written to the council to ask them to cut back the overhanging vegetation between the entrance to the snakey and the baths, as it is currently difficult for pedestrians to negotiate.

c. We discussed the possibility of a river or street clean up, but concluded that it was too late for a river clean up and that a street clean up on its own was not appropriate.

IC suggested that we could individually remove redundant posters.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 9 December at 7.30 at 23 Teviotdale Place