May 2014 Street Convenors Meeting

Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association

Joint meeting of Committee and Street Convenors – Thursday 8 May 2014

Present: Jane Wood; Chris Lumb; Dorothy Dobson; Edith Wellwood; Ann Young; Caro Tulloch; Irene McGowan; Joyce Anderson; Amanda Bennett; Christine Mclaren; Be Morris; Ian Mclean

Apologies: Jo Edwardson; Morag Fitchet; Davie Cunningham; Jan Tapson; Samantha Dick; Joan Battersby; Amanda Farquhar-Scott; Isobel Bathgate

IM explained that the purpose of the meeting was to explore with street convenors their experience of the role and to seek to reach agreement as to how the role might be developed.

During a lively discussion a number of suggestions were made and the following points were agreed:

1. The primary role of the street convenors is to act as a conduit for communicating information, in both directions, between the committee and residents. It is not appropriate for street convenors to act as mediator in disputes between residents.

2. A crucial task for the street convenors is to identify new residents and provide them with the welcome leaflet, preferably by a face to face contact. It would be ideal at this contact if street convenors could obtain the email addresses of new residents so that they can be added to the Grapevine.

3. The committee will prepare a flyer for all residents which will give details of street convenors and their role as well as providing information about the notice boards, website and Grapevine.

4. The committee will notify street convenors of the draft agenda for all committee meetings so that street convenors can be aware of items to be discussed, raise additional items, arrange to attend if there is an item in which they are particularly interested.

5. The committee will send a copy of the note of all committee meetings so that they will be aware of all decisions made.

6. The committee will contact the planning department of the council to establish the council’s attitude to planning regulations which apply to the Colonies

7. The committee will explore ways to ensure that residents without internet access are still able to receive relevant information. This will include using the noticeboard, and a shorter but more frequent Newsline.

8. Street convenors will try to establish which residents do not have internet access.

9. The committee will try to establish, and make known, the location of any Toby keys, which are needed to turn off water supply in each street. Joyce (343 1269) said that she had an extending ladder, and was happy for the committee and street convenors to be aware of this, although she preferred that it not be announced on Grapevine or the website.

10. There should be an annual joint meeting of the committee and street convenors, following the AGM, and possibly a meeting in the autumn of 2014 to review how the new proposals are working.