March 2014 Meeting Notes

SCRA Committee meeting, Monday 31 March 2014


Attended by Dorothy Dobson, Jane Wood, Joan Battersby, Amanda Farquhar Scott, Samantha Dick, Be Morris, Rose Pipes, Ian Mclean


Apologies from, Amanda Bennett, Isobel Bathgate, Caro Tulloch


New members, Samantha Dick and Be Morris were welcomed


1. Chairing and venue for meetings

IM agreed to both chair and minute today’s meeting but asked for volunteers to chair subsequent meetings. After discussion it was agreed that meetings would continue to be held at DD’s house.


2. Diary Dates


Colonies Clean up: Planned for 6 April, 11.00 to 1.00. 12 volunteers so far, but hopefully more people will participate. JW has organisation is in place; now we just need good weather. Stockbridge Community Council are organising a river clean up on the same date, probably as far as Falshaw Bridge.


Yard Sale: Planned for 18 May. JW will publicise after the Clean-up. DD agreed to run the tombola.

It was agreed to accept the offer from Cassandra to decorate bollards with plastic bag knitted hats.

We still need new ideas (fortune telling) and in particular:

A garden for the pipe band; Someone to run a cake stall; Someone to do face painting


Sunflower Competition: Publicity already started and lots of packs were sold at the AGM. Agreed to ask CT to announce asap when the judging will take place.


Garden Competition: JB will organise again and ask the previous judge to identify an appropriate colleague to be this year’s judge. Likely to be at the end of June but we will be guided by the judges advice. There was some discussion re the prizes but we did not agree to change them just now. We also agreed to publicise the Edinburgh Garden Partners scheme, which assists people who can no longer manage their garden.



3. Falshaw Bridge garden

AF reported on progress. The work has started but she needs funds to buy top soil and plants. An arrangement was agreed with SD. When AF starts the work she would be glad to have some help. We need to ask for volunteers.


4. Flood Prevention


a. In relation to the unfinished works on the ledge and at Hugh Miller/Rintoul Place it was agreed that IM would write to the council to try to get some movement. This is particularly important in relation to the ledge, since, as the weather improves, people will inevitably start to use it as a pathway


b. IM and RP reported on recent correspondence with the council regarding the issue of drainage/increased damp,and the survey results were noted. It was agreed that IM and RP should write to the council with the survey results and ask that some system of monitoring damp/ground water levels should be implemented and that further investigation of the situation at Hugh Miller Place should be carried out.


5. Issues arising from AGM

a. Everybody agreed that the speaker, Sutherland Forsyth had been excellent. IM has written to thank him.

b. We agreed that we need to involve street convenors more in the work of the committee. It was agreed to arrange a joint meeting of the committee and street convenors. Suggested dates were 1 or 8 May and we will try to obtain a room either at Tanfield or the Life Care centre. The purpose will be to talk about the work of the committee, agree what should be expected of street convenors.

c. The feeling at the AGM seemed to be that we should not despair about the viability of a ceilidh type event, and it was agreed that we should discuss this at the next meeting.

d. It was also agreed that we should set aside time to discuss possible changes to Creative Colonies.


6. Environment


a. FoRP

A general discussion reinforced the need to encourage Colonies’ residents to see themselves as part of FoRP and participate in meetings, rather than see FoRP as an adversary. It was also agreed that there needs to be some agreement about what the overall vision is for Rocheid path and its surroundings. IM said that he had written to FoRP to ask for a copy of their long term plan, and will circulate it.

In relation to the issue of the benches in the Triangle, it was noted that BM has already made clear the views of the residents of Reid Terrace. It was agreed that IM will write to support them.

In relation to the Dell, a meeting is to be arranged with the community police officer and it is important that SCRA, and at least one of the residents closer to the issue, should attend.

In relation to the request for the views of residents on the plans for the fence at the western entrance to Rocheid Path (Reinstate/remove/install a gate) it was agreed to conduct a poll on the website.


b. Traffic

After discussion it was agreed that it would be useful to arrange a meeting with the council to discuss the various concerns of residents about traffic /parking in the Colonies, in order to establish a long term plan. IM will progress.


7. Neighbourhood Partnership

IM will speak to IC to establish what needs to be done as IC has previously been the SCRA representative


8. Grapevine

It was noted that at the AGM many people had commented very favourably about the Grapevine, which is seen as a vital community resource. BM raised a comment from one resident about the number of emails received and a request that they be grouped together and sent out on only one or two occasions each week. After discussion it was agreed that this would not be feasible, and it was noted that JW already takes steps to ensure that no more emails are sent than is absolutely necessary.


9. Website

IB has arranged to demonstrate the new website to members of the committee on Friday at 11.00. IM and JW will attend.


10. AOCB

BM raised concerns from a resident in Reid Terrace that the proposed new street lamps would provide less light than previously and decrease safety for residents, particularly if no other outside light was allowed. It was agreed that IM would raise this with the council and check when the lights would be installed.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 2 June at 7.30 at 23 Teviotdale Place