Litter-picking tools for Colonies residents

Stockbridge Colonies Residents’ Association now has 3 litter-pickers (and a further few are available if requested) for any residents who’d like to relieve the streets and immediate environs of litter. Whilst most of the litter comprises discarded food packaging, a recent litter-picking session amassed many cigarette ends and bits of building materials, all of which can cause blocks in the drains as well as being very unsightly. With windy weather, some of this might be a result of recyclables blowing out of our bins. If you’d like to borrow the tool/s for an hour or 2, please contact Jane on to arrange to collect them. It’s recommended that gardening or rubber gloves are worn and, otherwise, you just need a big bag to collect the rubbish before depositing it in one of the many communal local bins. It’s a very satisfying – and sociable! – way to spend an hour or 2!