June 2011 Meeting Notes

Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association Committee Meeting 6th June 2011.

Present :-  Dorothy Dobson, Ian Cunningham, Isobel Bathgate, Gill Brittle, Jean Butterworth, Jane Wood, Jane Smith, Richard.

1. Apologies :- Chris Lumb, Morag Fitchet.

 2. A warm welcome was extended to Richard who has volunteered to join the committee. Initially Richard will not take on an established role but will focus on providing ideas to the committee based on his previous experiences in other similar organisations.

The roles of each committee member was confirmed and is listed below. Ian has intimated that he would like to stand down as Chair although would be willing to stay on if no-one else wanted to take on this role. All members agreed to have a think about the Chair role, chairing meeting etc. Action: All.

Ian is recipient of all council communication regarding parking etc. He is happy to continue receiving this and reviewing what action needs to be taken with each piece of correspondence. 

Secretary : Gill Brittle

Treasurer: Morag Fitchet

Flood Prevention: Chris Lumb

Environment: Jean Butterworth and Jane Smith

Social & Fundraising: Jane Wood, Jane Smith, Dorothy Dobson

Website & Design: Isobel Bathgate

Grapevine: Morag Fitchet

Liaison: Ian Cunningham, Jean Butterworth.

3. The meeting notes from 11th April, 2011 were accepted.

4. Dates for your Diary.

Spring Clean Scotland. Around 17 people participated in the spring clean. It was a fine sunny day and some 20 bags of rubbish were collected, plus one of the leaf sculptures.

Yard Sale. The 2011 yard sale was a record breaker. Thanks to Jane Wood for all her hard work in organising and marketing the day, Duncan (Dorothy’s grandson) for running the tombola, Chris for cakes, Morag for laminating the posters and Isobel for designing the posters and advertising material.

We had 30 stalls, total takings were £2110 of which approx. £525 was donated to SCRA and around  £400 to other charities. The tombola took £107 – another record! Due to the success of the event, next year’s sale will again be held on the same day as the Botanics Plant sale.

The possibility of using Stockbridge Pipe band was supported for next year’s sale.

Signage was discussed as it was felt that some river-end houses may miss out. Jane provides balloons for all stall holders but it’s their responsibility to entice potential customers to their garden.

People came from all over Edinburgh. The event was tweeted and was on Facebook. One person set up their stall indoors and that worked well. We also had a couple of friends of Colonies residents setting up a stalls.

Quite a few people asked what the proceeds went to e.g. upkeep of area, Newsline, benches, prizes for garden competition.

Action: All to consider what we should spend proceeds on. 

Action: Morag to provide accounts update for next meeting.

Action: Jane W to put report on web site.

Jane S suggested a Colonies party for the jubilee weekend.

Garden Competition. Prizes have been donated by Banks the Florist (Most Improved Garden) and Buffallo Gril (Best Garden). Prizes for Best Garden in Street will be £15 vouchers from the Botanics, Best Children’s Garden will receive £10 of vouchers.

The Best Street award will be dropped since we have no prize any more (plaque has gone missing).

The meeting agreed that the garden competition is a fun event and aims to keep it light-hearted. Using a different judge each year should help different gardens to win since every judge has a different view. Jane has received an email from a resident asking that their garden not be included. All posters for the event mention that residents can opt out should they choose to do so.

Spud in a Bucket. Judging will be 26th June at Jane S’s garden.

Wine Tasting. We will check if this event is popular since we have not had a very enthusiastic response.

Action: Ask via Grapevine – Gill. Put poll on website – Isobel.

Quiz Night. The takings were £168. The hall costs £60 so we made £108 profit. The quiz was the last to be compered by Johnnie – many thanks to him for his efforts over the years that made this such a popular event. Action: Richard to have a think about setting up a new quiz.

5. Flood Prevention.

The consensus of opinion is that the work is progressing quickly and good progress is being made. Lagan have been communicating well. No complaints so far. There has been a comprehensive schedule of tours to see the works and surgeries to allow concerns to be raised.

The pillars and gate that were on the old Bell’s Bridge have been taken and stored by Lagan. At some point we will have to decide whre they will be relocated and who will pay. Also, the re-instatement plan for felled trees needs to be understood too. Action: Ian & Chris.

6. Environment.

Bench for Snakey. The size of plaque and wording was reviewed and it looks like we have too many words for the plaque. Action: Richard to edit and send round for agreement.

Dog Fouling. Jane W has asked CEC about general bins. Steve Cuthill is the contact and he has replied to say 2 bins have been installed – we can only find 1! Action: Jane W to reply to Steve with preferred location of bins. Ian and Jean to take to NP meeting.

Street Lighting. The results from the poll on the website indicate that residents are generally in favour of the new lights. However, Steve Francey (CEC) is not responding and it looks like there is no money for this any more.

Parking. A long discussion took place about parking. There is unfortunately much evidence of inconsiderate parking. It was agreed that we would invite John Richmond from CEC to attend the next meeting to talk through plans, concerns and possible solutions. Action: Gill.  Other actions were :-

Place note on web site asking residents to park considerately. Action: Isobel.

 7. Update from Neighbourhood Partnership meeting. No update, next meeting due.

8. Friends of Rocheid Path. Ian has volunteered to join committee.

9. Newsline. No update.

10. Website. It was agreed that we would use Stockbridge Edinburgh page on Facebook if we wanted to rather than set up a page for Stockbridge Colonies.

11. Grapevine. Gill and Jane W will do for the interim.

12. AOCB.

Barbed Wire hanging over Edinburgh Academy Wall. Jane S agreed to write to the Academy about this and the Japanese knotweed.

Garden Hut. The hut in 10 Dunrobin is to be notified to planning.

13. Date of Next Meeting. Monday 1st August, 2011. Apologies from Richard.