Getting in and out of Waverley Station

Waverley Station was the last station managed by Network Rail to allow vehicles access to the concourse.  Since it is in a particularly challenging location, the station now has 3 entrances which are fully accessible: lifts provide step-free access to and from Princes Street, Market Street and the drop-off area at Calton Road.

For passengers who require assistance, we encourage use of the passenger assistance service at Waverley, operated by East Coast. They will be happy to assist passengers from a drop-off location into the station, agreed in advance with them and vice versa if a booking is made in advance.  The new off-street drop-off location at Calton Road has a phone connected directly to East Coast passenger assistance in the event that no-one is there to meet passengers from your taxi/vehicle.

You can book customer assistance via East Coast:

Telephone:                    03457 225 225 

Text rely service:           18001 03457 225 225

Recent attempts to maintain a degree of access for a limited number of taxis have not delivered the sought-after benefits and, regrettably, the only alternative has been to remove access for all taxis and private vehicles.  While there is not yet a permanent taxi rank on Market Street, a temporary rank operates on Market Street to supplement the existing rank on Waverley Bridge.  By removing vehicles from the station, Network Rail is following advice given by the DFT regarding anti-terror measures, making Waverley a more secure station as well as delivering numerous other long-term benefits to passengers including improved air quality, a safer interface with vehicles and increased capacity for passengers.

All train operators have been informed about the changes to access arrangements at Waverley and have been asked to pass on the details to customer assistance personnel.

Should you wish to report a new enquiry, please call the Network Rail National Helpline on 08457 11 41 41.