Garden competition 2017 – April 29th and 30th!

This year, all our gardens will be judged at springtime for a change. The weekend of April 29th and 30th will see our judge doing the rounds of all Colonies gardens to select the best in each street and then choose the best of the best which will be awarded the title of ‘best garden in the Stockbridge Colonies 2017’. All gardens are automatically included in the competition but if you’d prefer to opt out, please email

There is also the category of ‘most improved garden’ and in order to enter for this, please submit at least one recent photo of your garden (together with your address) before it was improved to so the information can be passed in to the judge.

Each winning gardener will be awarded a prize and, as in previous years, photos of the winning gardens will be posted on our Stockbridge Colonies Facebook page for all to enjoy!