Garden competition 2016

Our competition to find the best garden in each street as well as the best garden in all of the Stockbridge Colonies will take place on July 11th and 12th this year.  As usual, we have a new judge and shall revert to the definition of a street being the houses and gardens on each side of a cobbled cul-de-sac eg Kemp Low and Bell High so we anticipate lots of different winners this year!  There will be prizes for the head gardener of each winning garden plus an extra special prize, kindly donated by the Blue Bear Café at Cannonmills for the best garden in the Colonies.

In addition, there is the category of ‘most improved‘  and, unlike the category of ‘best garden’ where every garden is automatically included in the competition (unless the householder emails with a request to be excluded), we need to know that you’d like to enter!  In order to do this, please send a photo of your garden in its ‘before’ state (which needs to have been taken in September 2015 at the earliest) which we shall then pass on to the judge so he can compare it to what he sees in July. There will be a lovely appropriate prize for the winner of this section too!

So, happy gardening everyone!