Garden Competition 2010 Winners

Garden winner 2010

The winners of the garden competition are as follows:

Bridge Pl – Reid Terrace (H)
Reid Terrace – Hugh Miller Pl
HMP – Rintoul Pl
Rintoul Pl – Colville Pl
Colville Pl – Collins Pl
Collins Pl – Balmoral Pl
Balmoral Pl – Dunrobin Pl
Dunrobin Pl – Teviotdale Pl
Teviotdale Pl – Avondale Pl
Avondale Pl – Kemp Pl
Kemp Pl – Bell Pl
Bell Pl – Glenogle Pl, Terr, House

25 Reid Terrace
13 Hugh Miller Pl
22 Rintoul Pl
16 Rintoul Pl
21 Colville Pl
3 Collins Pl
16 Dunrobin Pl
15 Dunrobin Pl
8 Teviotdale Pl
12 Avondale Pl
22 Bell Pl
2 Bell Pl

Best Garden in the Colonies – 13 Hugh Miller Place.

The judge comments ‘Fabulous garden, well proportioned and balanced space, good plant combinations and choice for space, materials laid well and complement house.’

Best Children’s Garden – 31 Rintoul Place

‘Because’, said our judge, ‘it was not only a good use of space but a good family garden as well.’ Well done and thank you to all the children who entered – we hope you continue to enjoy your own produce, have fun in your own garden and will participate again next year.

Most Improved garden

Only 1 point in it but 20 Hugh Millar Place wins.

Best Street

Dunrobin High-Balmoral Low
Congratulations to the gardeners living at all the addresses above!

The judge has also kindly sent the scoring scheme below.

Points for neatness and tidiness were also taken into consideration.

Method of Judging 10 points for Overall mood/feel of the space – All gardens evoke an emotional response: it is usually the mix of material where planting plays a large part in the effect. Light/shade also plays a part 10 points for Planting – Planting combinations, appropriate use of plants, suitability for site, maintenance 10 points for Hard Landscaping materials – Appropriate choice and combinations, safety, creative layout. 10 points for Design Principles – Movement, Balance, Scale and Proportion.