February 2014 Meeting Notes

SCRA Committee meeting, Monday 3 February 2014

Attended by Ian Cunningham, Dorothy Dobson, Isobel Bathgate, Jane Wood, Caro Tulloch, Ian Mclean

Apologies from, Joan Battersby, Amanda Bennett, Amanda Farquhar Scott,


1. Matters Arising

None not covered by agenda


2. Diary Dates


Quiz Night: All seems to be in order. IM confirmed that there are 12, possibly 13, tables booked. DD confirmed that she and GB have all the raffle prizes


AGM : The confirmed date is Thursday 27 March. IM not yet able to confirm speaker, but Jack Gillon from CEC has indicated that either he will do it, or he will help us find someone suitable. IC indicated that he will be standing down from the committee. Samantha Dick has volunteered to be treasurer. IB said that she will not be able to attend meetings regularly, as she will be out of the country for much of the time, but would be happy to remain on the committee and retain responsibility for the website and Newsline. Her offer was accepted.

IM agreed to present the committee report

Agreed to put a note in Newsline and on Grapevine inviting new members to join and also asking for volunteers to act as street convenors where there are vacancies.


3. Newsline

IB had already indicated the items that she needed. She still needs a note of the agenda for the AGM, and IM agreed to write a short piece updating flood wall issues.


4. Flood Prevention


a. IM reported that there has still been no further information from CEC about how they plan to finish off work outstanding since Lagan’s departure. He will pursue.

b. IM reported that he and RP are meeting with representatives from ARUP tomorrow to discuss damp issues. It was agreed that once that meeting has been held IM and RP should go ahead with the survey of low door residents.


5. Environment


a. Wall at Snakey/Baths

IM reported that the council has still not decided what to do.

b. River/street clean up

It was agreed that we should organise a river/street clean up in the spring. IM will contact Water of Leith Conservation Trust to see what plans they have for a river clean up.

c. Proposals re Rocheid Path

IM had already circulated the responses that had been received via Grapevine regarding the proposals to build steps from Rocheid Path into the Dell. These indicated overwhelming opposition to the proposal (80%), particularly from those residents who had direct experience of the problems that previously occurred when there were steps. In view of this it was agreed that IM will write to CEC and FORP to indicate that SCRA does not support these proposals.

The next meeting of FORP is at 6.30 on Monday 3 March at Stockbridge library. This is an open meeting, so anyone with views on this issue is encouraged to attend.


6. Neighbourhood Partnership

Nothing to report


7. Friends of Rocheid Path

Next meeting is on Monday 3 March


8. Grapevine

JW reported that it has been very busy, and the Facebook page is also beginning to be used more often.An unprecedented amount of correspondence to and via the Grapevine resulted from a resident’s message about the increase in dog mess. Details of how to report dog fouling and the penalty payable were sent out on the Grapevine and put on the notice boards.


9. Website

IB reported that she is making progress on the new site.


10. AOCB

IM asked if anyone will be able to attend the meeting on Thursday 6 February relating to the proposal for the local community to buy St Stephens Church. Two people indicated that they hoped to attend. It was agreed to put a note on Grapevine to inform residents about the meeting and encourage them to attend.



Date of Next Meeting: Monday 31 March at 7.30 at 23 Teviotdale Place