February 2012 Meeting Notes

Present :- Gill Brittle, Dorothy Dobson, Richard, Jane Smith, Jean Butterworth, Ian Cunningham, Isobel Bathgate.

1. Apologies. Jane Wood, Chris Lumb, Morag Fitchet.

2. The meeting note from 5th December, 2011, was accepted.

3. Dates for your Diary.

Carol SInging. This was extremely well attended with a peak of around 40 participants. Altogether, some 55 residents tok part during the 2.5 hours. £383 was raised for St Columba’s Hospice which Jane gift-aided. There was a noticeable lack of hospitality which may be due to the fact that those who would have baked and offered mulled wine came along to sing instead. Handing the collecting can around the singers made a big difference to the sum raised too! 

 Quiz Night. The quiz night was held on Friday, 3rd February at Tanfield Bowling Club. A record 13 tables were taken and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thanks to Richard for being quizmaster. All agreed he did a brilliant job – he had obviously put in a lot of work and it worked really well. Thanks again! Thanks too to all who donated raffle prizes. Action: Gill to thank Robyn for her donations and for all the raffle donations they have made over the years.

£209 was made; £79 in the raffle, £130 for the tables. Since Tanfield waived the charges they normally apply for the facilities on a Friday and Saturday night, and they always grant the facilities free of charge for midweek use, it was agreed to give them a donation of £60. Action: Gill.

Richard asked what the Colonies funds would be used for and it was agreed that we could ask people what they think at the AGM. The Jubilee party will incur costs e.g. insurance but it would be useful to get the views of residents. Action: Gill to add to AGM agenda – once we se how much money we have!

AGM. 7.30pm, Wednesday 21st March, Tanfield Bowling Club.

Action: Chris to check on speakers from Lagan etc.

Newsline will be produced for the AGM. Gill and Isobel to coordinate the articles-similar layout to last year. Morag to provide information on the accounts. Newsline needs to be produced by the end of February to allow Janet to print it and get it to the Street Convenors for distribution. Action: Gill, Isobel, Morag.

Spring Clean Scotland. Jane has not received information yet from Spring Clean Scotland.

Yard Sale. Sunday 13th May has been confirmed as the date to coincide with the RBGE plant sale. There has already been quite a bit of interest so the date has been published in advance to allow people to prepare. Stockbridge Pipe Bank will not be asked to this event but will be asked for the Jubilee Party. An advert will be place in Newsline for this event.

Pumpkin Planting. This replaces Spud in a Bucket. It will run from April to October. Jane S to organise. Action: Jane S.

Jubilee Party on 3rd June. Lots to discuss and plan here and here is the summary.

Stockbridge Pipe Bank will be asked to play at the Jubilee Party. A donation will be made to them and we will allow a stall to be set up for their fund raising. Action: Gill to confirm booking

Timing :- 1pm set up and preparation; 1.30pm Stockbridge Pipe Bank plays in the party; 1.30 – 3.30pm Party; 4pm tidy up.

If Glenogle Road is to be closed, we will ask CEC to close the road from 1 – 4pm.

The meeting agreed that it’s important to consult with local residents about the road closure. Therefore we will :-

1. Put poll on website asking if people agree. Action: Isobel.

2. Send email out on Grapevine. Action: Gill

3. Put notices on noticeboards. Action: Jane S

Trestle tables will be required. Action: Ian to see if he can source them from local organisations, Richard to enquire about costs of hiring them. People may also bring their own.

Activities :- Colonies Choir (Band), Local musicians (Aly, Eric, Accordian), Face Painting, Fancy Dress, Best Cake Competition.

Required :- Stewards, Public liability insurance, Pre-registration (badges). 

Garden Competition. Jane W has booked the judge. The judging date was discussed and 3rd June was thought to be too early. Date to be agreed at the next meeting.

4. Newsline. Discussed above under AGM.

5. Flood Prevention. Progress is visible and everyone is looking forward to a full update at the AGM.

6. Environment. Jane W reported that new bins are now in place. One near the “new” Colonies, one at the bottom of the Snakey, and Jane has asked for another at the east end of the “non-muddy” path. A reply is awaited on the additional bin.

7. Update from Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting. No update.

8. Friends of Rocheid Path. Ian will go to the next meeting on 13th February. Action: Ian

9. Website. Isobel will use content for the website for the AGM Newsline and will place poll on closing Glenogle Road. Action: Isobel.

10. Grapevine. Quite active with around 112 members. New Book meeting went well apparently and Caroline Read is now setting up a singing group, resulting from the carol-singing which could be excellent for the Jubilee Party.

11. AOCB.    

Morag’s Welcome Leaflet. Morag had produced a first draft of a Colonies Welcome leaflet. All comments to go back to Morag directly. Action: All.

Snakey Maintenance. AT the quiz night, a resident from Saxe Coburg Place commented on shrubs encroaching on their house. Gill asked them to email their concerns so they could be addressed. 

Committee members. We need more committee members and so all agreed to consider who may be willing to help on the committee.

12. Date of Next Meeting. Monday 2nd April at Jane S’s house.