December 2012 Meeting Notes

 Present: Gill Brittle, Dorothy Dobson, Morag Fitchet, Caro Tulloch, Ian Cunningham, Isobel Bathgate, Jane Wood, Jean Butterworth, Amanda Bennett.

1. Apologies: None

2. Chris Lumb has resigned from the committee. The meeting expressed their thanks and asked that it be passed onto Chris as he has been very helpful liaising with Lagan. Jane W said Chris and Rose Pipes have been very helpful in answering questions received via the Grapevine. Jane W said she would thank Rose and ask if she would mind helping people out on this matter. The meeting agreed that it would be useful if Rose would attend the meetings for a short while whilst the flood defence works are in course. Secretary’s Note. Rose has kindly agreed to keep us appraised of the Flood Defences work and offer her knowledge to other people affected by the work.

Amanda has raised the question about encouraging more people to join the committee. Ian agreed to ask Ian McLean if he would like to rejoin the committee. Action : Ian.

 3. Meeting note from the meeting on Monday 1st October were accepted.

4. Dates for Your Diary.

Pumpkin Planting. Thanks to Jane Smith for holding the pumpkin judging. The wet weather meant that the pumpkins did not grow well and so it’s likely we’ll try something different next year.

Creative Colonies. Held on the 11th November, this was a great success. Turnover was £1,098 for 10 houses. The pictures of the craftmen’s plaques at the gable ends of some of the houses were sold and raised £100 for Colony funds. £28 in donations was also received. The meeting talked about whether we should encourage more donations – we can do this but since we don’t organise the event, it is really up to the participants to decide what they want to donate. All 10 households were delighted and said they would do it again probably about the same time of year; second weekend in November. The Creative Colonies participants also held a review after the day to discuss what went well and what didn’t.  

Carol Singing. 4pm on Sunday16th December. Jane W has sent out an email on Grapevine and has put up posters in the notice boards. Stockbridge Market are also holding carol singing on that day. The Colonies Choir will also sing a couple of songs outside Glenogle Baths at 6.15pm.

Quiz Night. Tanfield is booked for Friday, 8th February. Gill to organise. Donations of prizes for the raffle will be gratefully received. Action :  Gill.

AGM. Tanfield is booked for Thursday, 21st March at 7.30pm. It was suggested that the Colonies Choir may want to sing at the end of the AGM and before we have the talk by the representative of the Water of Leith conservation trust. In advance of the meeting, Jane to see if she can obtain a shedule of work from Lagann. Action :  Jane. Sectetary’s Note : Charlotte Neary, Community and Volunteer Officer will attend the AGM. Action: Gill to organise.

 5. SCRA Bank Accounts. Morag updated the meeting with the news that the type of account SCRA committee uses is now managed as part of Business Banking and rules goverining the operation of the accounts has changed. There are a few forms that the signatories need to sign and return to Morag. £2,262.88 is in the account of which £862.33 is the Snakey fund. The choir funds also go through that account but Morag keeps a note of these entries separately.

6. Flood Prevention. There is no published schedule of work to complete the work around the Colonies. As noted above, Jane W will speak to Rose to see if an up to date schedule can be obtained.

7. Environment. 

Concerns raised by residents of Saxe Coburg Place have been taken passed to Steve Cuthill, CEC. Also, since Steve Cuthill accepted that the Snakey is CEC’s responsibility from now on, this item can be closed on the agenda.

Ian indicated that the Snakey funds left could be used to erect the stone pillars at the bottom of the Snakey. 

The re-instatement of the garden area beside Flashaw Bridge also needs to be included in Lagan’s plans. Action: Jane W to ask Rose if Lagan have this in plan.  

The meeting agreed that traffic travels too fast on Glenogle Road and that many people park in an inconsiderate manner. Double yellow line painting is ongoign just now. The meeting agreed that Glenogle Road should be a 20mph zone and Amanda agreed to take this request to the council. Isobel agreed to put a poll on the website asking residents if they supported measures to reduce the speed at which cars could travel on Glenogle Road. Action: Amanda, Isobel.

The trees on the embankment belonging to Edinburgh Academy are growing very tall, blocking light and raising concerns about what happens when they die or are blown over. Action: Gill to ask the Academy.

The bins on Glenogle road can cause a hazard if they are not removed from the pavement once they have been emptied. Action: Jane to send out a reminder on Grapevine.

Ask CEC to remove abandoned bins. Action: Gill. 

Ask CEC if a packaging recycling bin can be installed in Glenogle Road. The clear bags used for the recycling are blown away in the wind and the packaging bin would help stop this happening. Action: Gill.

 8. Update from Neighbourhood Partnership meeting.

The leaves on Gabriel’s Steps were raised and progress on clearing the leaves and improving the surface of the steps will be reported at the next NP meeting.

The Police Report will also be re-instated since none have been received for a few months.

Ian updated the meeting on the two information days he had attended. One on the new police system and the other on general information especially transport related matters.

9. Friends of Rocheid Path. The strategy for Arboretum Avenue is being developed and good progress has been made on planting.

10. Colonies Choir. Jane and Amanda updated the meeting. The choir is going really well and around 18 – 22 people attend every week. The choir will continue in the new year, starting at the beginning of January and running until Easter. Colonies residents and friends welcome. 

11. Newsline. A Newsline will be issued in time for the AGM.

12. Website. Isobel said that it was now possible for authors of articles for the website to upload photos themselves. She is happy to explain how to do this. Jane raised the issue of the number of requests submitted via Grapevine for tradesmen. After quite a bit of discussion, Isobel said that the forum could be used. This was accepted as a good solution. Action; Isobel to set up and give demo perhaps at AGM.

13. Grapevine. Jane has now around 200 people on Grapevine and it’s very busy.

14. AOCB. All agreed that it would be good to see the Colonies Christmas tree back. Action: Gill to ask Fiona if this is possible.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 4th February, 2013