December 2011 Meeting Notes

Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association Meeting 5th December 2011.

Present:- Gill Brittle, Dorothy Dobson, Morag Fitchet, Chris Lumb, Jane Wood, Jean Butterworth, Ian Cunningham.

1. Apologies :- Isobel Bathgate, Richard, Jane Marie Smith.

2. Acceptance of meeting note from 3rd October. The meeting note was accepted.

 3. Dates for Your Diary.

Carol Singing. 18th December. St Columba’s Hospice received the most votes from our on-line voting and so will be the recipient of the proceeds from this year’s Carol Singing. It will start at 4.30pm at the end of Reid Terrace.

Quiz Night. 3rd February 2012. The quiz night will start at 7.30pm. £10 for tables of 4 people. Tanfield is booked. Gill to do posters, emails and raffle. Richard to set quiz and be quizmaster. Dorothy to get raffle tickets. Include in posters that there will be drinks afterwards.  Action: Gill, Richard, Dorothy

AGM. 21st March. Tanfield (upstairs bar area) booked. Chris has had agreement that Lagan, Arup, CEC will attend and speak on the flood prevention work.

Spring Clean Scotland. To be discussed at the next meeting.

Yard Sale. The date for this will be the same as that of the Botanics Plant Sale. This date tbc.

Pumpkin Planting. Discuss at next meeting.

Jubilee Party. The date of Sunday, 3rd June was confirmed. CEC has agreed that Glenogle Road can be closed. We have to request this 6 weeks in advance of the party date. Stockbridge Pipe Band has also agreed to play at our Jubilee Party.

Garden Competition. The Botanics have once again, very kindly provided a judge; Simon Crutchley, Garden Supervisor Herbaceous and Display. The date has to be confirmed but will be sometime in June. Although the judges do seem to get time to do the judging from the Botanics, they also put in a lot of their own time. The meeting agreed that this is really very generous and we are very grateful to them.

4. Flood Prevention. The work is progressing reasonably to schedule. Steve and Chris are taking forward the issue of the cracked lintel in their property. Lagan have stated that they have worked within the vibration limit and so they are not responsible and the matter lies with CEC. CEC have advised the owners to contact their insurance company. Chris/Steve are progressing this matter and have asked that any other similar issues be referred to them.

The state of the corner at Arboretum Avenue seems to be improved; less mud and dust. Chris asked all to keep an eye on this and advise him if the condition deteriorates again. Action: All.

The bench opposite Bridge Place is still fenced in and the white boards still appear to be white i.e. no information is being posted on them. Lagan will be chased again to sort this out. Action: Chris.

5. Environment. The project to install the benches on the Snakey can be signed off. All work has been completed and the plaques installed. Thanks to Bill Brownlee for doing this. Morag has made sure that our thanks have been passed on to all concerned.

Dog Fouling. The stencils on the pavements that showed dog fouling was not allowed were applied at the behest of the Community Council. The meeting agreed that the stencils were not effective as it was difficult to make out exactly what they were showing and so what the message was and that they didn’t last long in the Scottish winter.  Environmental wardens have been seen in the area but alas, they were in their car and not on patrol. This will be reported back to them. Extra bins along Glenogle Road will be installed. Thanks to Ian and the Janes for moving this issue along.

The meeting also discussed the new food recycling bins that seem to be popular but along with the other recycling bins, result in the pavements being cluttered. They also get blown about in the high winds.

Jane Marie Smith had provided a very encouraging update from Edinburgh Academy about the removal of Japanese Knotweed. A three year contract has been taken out to ensure it is removed and destroyed correctly using experts in this field.

The blocking of light from the trees was also discussed but no further action was scheduled.

6. Newsline. A Newsline will be produced for the AGM. Suggested articles are; History of Rocheid Path. Action: Ian to give Gill paper version of this.  Update on last year’s events, AGM agenda, update on Grapevine and telling people how to apply to join, list of forthcoming events especially the Jubilee Party, Lagan Flood Prevention update, Accounts.

Janet will get it printed. Action: Jane to give Gill Janet’s email address.

7. Neighbourhood Partnership. Ian and Jean reported that there is not much of relevance to us at the moment apart from the dog fouling actions and bins. The emphasis has been on Inverleith Park and in particular the vehicle depot that has been saved from becoming an expensive housing development. Intensive lobbying has caused this plan to be rejected in favour of plans supported by the community. No final decision has been reached but ideas around allotments, cafe/toilets have been raised.

8. Friends of Rocheid Path. Ian updated the meeting with the latest from FofRP. The group has held its AGM and adopted its constitution. Many bulbs have been planted and tree management is being progressed. Both Fof RP and SCRA are supportive of restoring the stone pillars on Bell Place. These are in store. The whereabouts of the gates is not so clear and Steve Cuthill, CEC, has been asked to track them down.

9. Website. No update. Content is desired and all were encouraged to contribute.

10. Grapevine. Morag, Jane and Gill will look after. It has been quite active recently with pleas for information on houses to let, selling household stuff etc.

11. AOCB.

Grey boxes at end of streets. These are for cable and we think they are owned by Virgin. Morag will contact Virgin to request that the grafitti is cleaned off. Action: Morag.

Parking Bays on Glenogle Road and the new Colonies have been installed. There is still very irresponsible parking and double yellow lines appear to be the only solution. Action: Gill to contact John Richmond and to show him the parking hazards.

Welcome leaflets. Chris agreed to review these to see what should be contained within the leaflet. Morag took the existing document to convert to e-format. Action: Chris, Morag.

Snakey grant documentation was reviewed. Jean has kept all the documentation and passed it to Gill for keeping with the rest of the SCRA documentation. It was agreed that the completed grant application, site and plant plans and authorisations would be kept but other documentation waould be destroyed. No documentation relating to the Council’s agreement to take over maintenance of the Snakey was found.    

12. Date of Next Meeting. Monday 6th February. Jane Wood gave her apologies in advance.