Consultation re Double Yellow Lines


The consultation was emailed to 235 subscribers to the Grapevine and from a total of 55 responses:

17 were opposed to extending the lines

38 were in favour of extending the lines

Not everybody expressed a preference in relation to the length of extension, especially those who were opposed to the idea of an extension, but of those who did:

28 felt that any extension should be limited to 4 metres

12 felt that an extension of 5 metres was acceptable

2 felt that an extension of 3/3.5 metres should be adequate

1 felt that 5 metres was insufficient


From those opposed to the extension the overwhelming reason for opposing the proposal was the impact that it would have on parking.

2 residents (one in Dunrobin/Balmoral and one in Kemp/Avondale) felt that there was no problem in their particular street for emergency vehicles or refuse lorries entering or leaving the street.

Several said that the issue of safety was due to more to people driving too fast and parking badly.

Several people felt that extending the double yellow lines would be of no benefit to emergency vehicles and suggested that it would be better to paint double yellow lines on Glenogle Road, opposite the entrance to Colonies’ streets

From those in favour of some extension three main reasons were given:

  1. The problems that refuse lorries have in trying to enter many Colonies’ streets when cars are parked at the end of the street, with many citing recent examples of the bins not being uplifted due to this problem.
  2. The difficulty that is created for residents trying to reverse into the streets when a large vehicle is parked close to the end of the street.
  3. The impact on safety for pedestrians due to reduced visibility, for both drivers and pedestrians, when cars are parked right at the end of Colonies’ streets.

** 1 respondent cited examples of emergency vehicles finding it difficult to enter their street, but it should also be noted that 1 resident, opposed to the extension, said that there had never been any problem with emergency vehicles entering their street.

Other comments

Several respondents, both for and against, expressed the view that the parking issue would be improved if residents parked more carefully, with consideration for others

Several residents raised the problem of parking on Glenogle Road in evenings and weekends, arguing that there should be more double yellow lines on Glenogle Road, particularly opposite Bridge Place, from the foot of the Snakey along to Falshaw Bridge, which many people felt became extremely hazardous, especially at weekends.