Colonies Yard Sale – 21st May, 2023

The most popular event in the Colonies calendar will, as usual, be on the Sunday afternoon of the Victoria Day weekend.  It’s an opportunity for residents to set up shop in their gardens to sell plants, pots, cakes, arts and crafts, trade their toys, have a general clear-out, raise funds for charities, play music… and for those who aren’t selling, it’s always a surprise as to what treasure might be found whilst browsing and wandering along the Colonies streets!

If you’re a Stockbridge Colonies resident and would like to make the most of this opportunity to meet lots of neighbours and sell your stuff, please contact Jane on so your address can be included on the list of ‘what will be where’. You’ll also receive a seller’s pack with lots of helpful information and either biodegradable balloons or bunting to display on the day of the sale.

Our Colonies Cakes stall is always extremely popular, with residents baking for the community stall, raising funds to cover the annual cost of the website and our events. If you’d like to co-ordinate this particular ‘shop’ this year, please do get in touch!

We’re very grateful to Colonies residents Alex and Charlie Snowdon for designing this year’s poster. (More of Alex’s work can be found on