Colonies Covid Chronicle 10: not in the same boat

The cup that cheers ~ Ann Serjeantson

A very pretty flowery cup and saucer has been hung from a branch in

the Sundial Garden in Inverleith Park. It is filled with bird seed every

day, making a very elegant bird feeder and an uplifting sight. I just

hope the birds are remembering their etiquette and raising a dainty claw as they feed!



Loneliness ~ Mona Castel

When it arises in my body

I walk to the river

To lay my heartache


Gripping my chest

Tightening my heart

Controlling my mind


As bluebells sprout and

Three cornered leeks return to the earth

The river flow brushes it away


Nourishing old spirits

Taking away my sorrow

Reminding me that my soul is whole


When it arises

I walk to the river

Treasuring loneliness 




Week 9: ‘If you’ve no room for sheep, get yourself some hens.’* ~ Hilery Williams


I am beyond anger: furious, desolate at what is happening; helpless.

We may all be in the same storm, but, by god, we’re not in the same boat. Those most cruelly affected by the virus itself and its aftermath are not those whose sense of exceptionalism and entitlement overrides any notion of parity, justice, plain decency. The well-being of the group is endangered by the indifference of individuals.

Hooray, we can now play croquet and replenish our garden supplies. Others squash together on buses in order to pay bills.

Their Question: Should we sacrifice lives to save the economy?

Try this: Should the rich sacrifice their fortunes to save lives?

The ‘Hunger’ virus kills about 8,000 children every day worldwide. The vaccine’ for it exists. It is called ‘Food’. But we don’t hear about this from politicians and their media lackeys. Why? Because ‘Hunger’ doesn’t kill those in power: the Rich.

     *Kirstie  Allsop



Afterwards ~ Alastair Hulbert

As the current social and economic system comes out of its coma, don’t let’s return to the old normal. Consumption and technology can no longer be used as an alibi for the real world. Responsibility means putting our imaginations to work. This crisis offers an opportunity for change: get people talking about it!

Let us each start our own list of ideas for changing to a new normal in personal behaviour, society and economy. For example:

An annual Carbon Card from which points are deducted with each tank of petrol or plane ticket purchased.
Regulate AirBnB so that the housing is available for sale or long-term rental.
Fast food outlets to be polystyrene and plastic free.
‘Useful unemployment’ and how to promote it.
Working from home.
A four day week.
Universal Basic Income.
Wealth and employment require society-wide upper limits, without which all talk of lower limits, such as the eradication of poverty and unemployment, is futile. (Ivan Illich)
A universal differential of one to ten in terms of pay, with a tax system used to enforce it.
Art: what art can do is serve as an antidote to times of chaos. It can be a route to clarity, and a force of resistance and repair. (Olivia Laing)



P.S from Diana

Have you noticed?  Antony Gormley’s man in the river by the bridge is now wearing a mask and gloves?

Peevish question: why is Glasgow’s Botanic Garden open and ours