Colonies Clean Up – the round up

Much as we all feel that we live in a nice clean part of Edinburgh, on closer inspection before spring vegetation began to sprout, it was evident that there was indeed a lot of litter which had amassed over the few years while the flood defence construction work was going on.  So, with our flood wall complete and our green spaces and riverbank our own again, a Colonies Clean-up event was organised on Sunday, 6th April. This date coincided with the community council and Water of Leith Conservation Trust’s clean-up of the riverbank so worked very well.

Nineteen kind Colonies residents donated a couple of precious hours to collect all the litter and junk on the snakey, the Rocheid Path, the path at the back of the Grange club, our cobbled streets, Gabriels steps, the Academy bank, ‘Arboretum bank’ and the accessible riverbanks in our vicinity – and what a difference it has made!  We didn’t think there was much rubbish about until we looked closely and between us we filled 25 big plastic sacks (including one of dog mess amassed on Arboretum Bank – well done, Helen) as well as unearthing a pair of weights, an enormous water butt, a couple of road signs, a traffic cone, a safe…  Thank you very much to all who helped.

Let’s hope our streets and paths now stay free of litter and dog mess so that we can all continue to enjoy this lovely part of Stockbridge.