Charity choice for carol-singing proceeds, 2019

Five charities have been nominated by Colonies residents to receive the proceeds from the door-to-door collection on Sunday 15th December while carols are sung. All Colonies residents and carol-singers are now invited to select one from this list and click through to the survey at the bottom to vote.  The poll will close at the end of Thursday, 28th November.
which supports those who find themselves homeless.  In particular they have a campaign to provide a homeless person a bed, meals and support over the holidays for £21 a day. Our fundraising could provide many beds for those who will otherwise be cold, hungry and on the streets.
Gorgie City Farm – a big fundraising campaign is going on to save it:
This is such a valuable resource for children and their carers and families, sometimes living in really deprived communities with limited opportunities to explore rural environments, to experience life on a farm, meet animals and learn more about where their food comes from.  If the farm isn’t saved, donations will be shared between Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home and Scottish Association for Mental Health.
Meal makers 
This is a wonderful organisation, bringing together those who love to cook and share food, with a local older neighbour who would really appreciate receiving a freshly prepared meal and a friendly chat. 

Pancreatic Cancer UK 

which funds crucial research into and raises awareness of this cancer which is usually diagnosed too late due to its lack of symptoms. It also gives much needed support to those living with this sneaky disease.
Scottish Women’s Aid
Christmas is the season of good will and family disruption. Let’s harness the former to help women suffering from the latter.
Now please click through to the one-question survey to place your vote: