Carol-singing result for 2023

Big thanks are awarded to everyone who contributed to the great success of our annual carol-singing event on Sunday, 17th December. We began, as usual, at the east end of the Colonies with just a few singers and managed to rustle up 4 people who were happy to knock on doors to encourage residents to donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians (, the charity chosen in our poll to receive the proceeds. As we wended our way along every street in the Colonies and tried to rouse every householder, the singer number grew to about 40, amongst whom there were many young families and friends of Colonies residents. The weather couldn’t have been kinder, as it was dry, not particularly cold and not windy either!

Exactly two hours after our start on Bell Place, we completed the task on Bridge Place with about 15 singers and then set about counting the cash! With our previous highest total not quite reaching 4 figures (for Unicef) and in the light of the current cost of living crisis and our only being able to accept cash, never did we anticipate exceeding £1k – but we did! In fact, the total which Stockbridge Colonies has donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians is a fantastic £1049.70 so whether you donated, collected, sang, accompanied the singers on your portable musical instrument or maybe you donated online, MAP is very grateful to you. It was also a lovely way to meet fellow residents and singers, as we chatted along between carols!