Carol-singing collection result, December 2022

After about 10 days of ‘the big freeze’, it was a great relief that the weather on Sunday, 18th December, was above zero degrees and most of the ice on our streets, paths and staircases had thawed. We were a smaller group of singers than usual but all loyally sang and/or collected throughout the 3 hours during which we wended our way from east to west up and down every Colonies street. For the first time, we were competing for attention with the world cup final on television so it wasn’t surprising that doorstep conversations weren’t as lengthy as usual but we’re grateful to everyone who snatched a few seconds away from the nail-biting game on their screen!

Our chosen charity of Gorgie Farm is absolutely stunned that we raised the fantastic sum of £673.65 in just under 3 hours and we know that, in addition, several residents kindly donated online. You can donate online any time via Most of the funds will go towards the food bank which is organised by staff at the city farm, supplementing the boxes of food donations to ensure each has a good mixture of items with which to make balanced meals.

Thank you to everyone who sang, collected and donated to make the annual event so worthwhile.