Are you on the Colonies Grapevine?

If so, no need for you to read on but if you are a Stockbridge Colonies resident and don’t currently subscribe to our email service for messages of relevance to life in the Stockbridge Colonies, maybe you’d like to contact so your address can be included in our mailings.

The messages which we send out to our subscribers relate to a broad variety of material such as: accommodation offered and wanted; animals lost and found; other items lost and found; misdirected post; items being given away; tradespeople wanted and recommended; events; cars and parking…  Some days there might be no messages and other days a couple but it’s extremely unlikely that you’d receive more than 3 in one day, as we all know how annoying it is to be bombarded!

Our notice boards at the east and west end of the Colonies on Glenogle Road always have up-to-date information but can only display a few notices so the Grapevine is a helpful way to stay in touch with everything without having to look at our website.  Our Facebook page is another good source of information and messages so please ‘like’ Stockbridge Colonies!