April 2012 Meeting Notes

Present :- Jane Wood, Jean Butterworth, Gill Brittle, Ian Cunningham, isobel Bathgate, Chris Lumb, Dorothy Dobson, Caro Tulloch, Jane Smith.

1. Apologies from Morag Fitchet.

2. A warm welcome was extended to Caro Tulloch who has volunteered to join the committee. Caro said she was happy to help out and see how the committee was run before taking on a specific role. The roles of the other committee members are :-

Jane Wood: Inventor of the Yard Sale which she has run for 12 years. Would like someone else to run this in 2013. Also organises Spring Clean, Garden Competition, Carol Singing.

Jean Butterworth: Environment and local amenities.

Gill Brittle: Secretary.

Ian Cunningham: Chair, Liaison for Neighbourhood Partnership and Friends of Rocheid Path.

Jane Smith: Jubilee Party, Spud in a Bucket, Pumpkin Planting.

Isobel Bathgate: website, newsline.

Chris Lumb: Flood Prevention.

Dorothy Dobson: Fundraising, hosts monthly meetings and provides excellent home baking. Thanks Dorothy!

Morag Fitchet: Treasurer.

Caro Tulloch: help out at the social events, input from Friends of Rocheid Path.

3. Meeting note from February meeting was accepted.

4. Dates for Your Diary.

Spring Clean Scotland. Jane W said that the only date suitable was 22nd April. The meeting discussed the need for doing this event this year since there was a lot of work to be done to organise the Jubilee Party. It was therefore agreed that this event would not run in 2012.

Yard Sale. Sunday 13th May. An advert has been placed in Stockbridge Spotlight. Thanks to Isobel for doing the poster again. Jane W asked everyone to take posters and display them in appropriate places from the first week in May. So far, the take up for stalls has been good.

Tombola – Dorothy will do with help from her family. Caro will coordinate obtaining the prizes.

HomeBaking – Chis will coordinate this and use Will’s garden since their garden is out of action due to Flood Prevention work.

Face Painting, Tea & Coffee – Isobel.

Table Football – Amanda has volunteered to provide this.

Chocolate Fountain – Jane to obtain based on people volunteering this last year.

Pumpkin Planting – Jane S said take up was 0 but will plant and sell at Yard Sale.

Jubilee Paty – Sunday 3rd June. See Item 6.

Garden Competition. Dates tbc.

5. AGM.

Jane S is updating meeting note and will circulate. The meeting notes will be placed on the website and circulated via Grapevine for comment and sign off. The committee will sign off the meeting notes at the next commitee meeting. Action: Jane S.

The AGM itself went well with 46 people attending. The discussion around Flood Prevention was lively and it is hoped that all matters canbe resolved quickly.

6. Jubilee Party.

Jane S presented her plan for the party. The list below summarises the decisions and actions.

Decision – It will be requested to close Glenogle Road from 12 – 4. The road closure will be from the bubble at the baths to the bubble at the end of the Glenogles.

Decision – No entry fees will be charged. Donations on the day will only be IF necessary to cover costs.

Decision – Number of people estimated to be 250 – 300. 

Decision – £100 donation wlll be given to the Pipe Band. They will also get a table for fund raising at the party and the Yard sale.

Compose note that will be issued to all residents about the road closure. Issue this to Street Convenors to distribute on the Thursday before the party. Action Jane S.

Printing of note about road closure and printing of registration labels in bright coloured paper.Action: Morag to see if she can do this and report back.

Ask Glenogle Baths if they will purchase materials for crown making. Acion: Jane S.

 Review charities associated with the Jubilee Party an ask if they would want to come to our party to collect. Action: Isobel. 

Investigate costs of hiring trestle tables and benches. Action: Dorothy, Jane W, Jane S (I think). 

Investigate hire of marquees. Action: Jane S. 

Purchase chalk and face paints. Action: Isobel. 

Decision- Banks play outside the baths and if they need electricity, leads can be run from the baths.

Tell Scotsman, Evening News about our Jubilee Party. Action – Isobel.

Photo competition. Action: ??? 

Decision – 10 stewards required.

Ian and Caro are first aiders and will be stewards, Others required. Action: ??? 

Decision – if road closure request is rejected, Balmoral / Dunrobin will be used since it is the widest street.

Investigate insurance. Action: Gill. 

Programme for the day to be devised and produced. Action: ??? 

Decision – set up sub group to continue organising party. Meet at 8pm on Monday 16th Apil at Jane W’s.  

 7. Flood Prevention.

Chris is to speak to Stuart Mackay and John Wharrie to ensure a meeting with all residents whose properties are affected by damage during the flood prevention work takes place.   Action: Chris.

8. Environment.

 Gill presented an email received from concerned residents in Saxe Coburg Terrace about; 1) possible issues with a drain at the side of the Snakey beside their building 2) roots that may grow too close to the building 3) shrubs obscuring the view from a kitchen window.

Contractors will be engaged to trim all bushes and shrubs. Action: Jean.

Tree consultant will be asked to look at proximity of roots to the building. Action: Ian.

Council will be asked to look at drain and see if there may be a problem. Action: Ian.

The handover of maintaining the bushes will be progressed. Initially, Chris volunteered to contact Anne Fortune to ss if the archives had any documentation relating to the transfer of responsibilities once the grant given by the Council finished. Action: Chris.

Dog Fouling. Stencils have been done again and have lasted longer, thanks to the dry weather. Environment wardens have been seen and on the spot fines have been issued. The idea of a blitz on the area, as successfully done in Wardie and Drylaw, is to be requested at the next Neighbourhood Partnership meeting. Action: Ian.

Bins. Morag and Jane W have contacted the council about the bins and changes to procedures that mean bins are left on Glenogle Road pavement thereby blocking the pavements. It was however stressed that although there are lots of discusions ongoing at the moment, the procedures introduced by the council are unchanged. To summarise, residents still place their wheelie bins outside their garden gates for collection. The bins are collected from there, emptied and returned there.

Edinburgh Academy. Jane S has been in touch again regarding the barbed wire overhanging onto Glenogle Road.  The school has agreed to rectify the situation. The school has also notified Jane S that more work will be done to eradicate the Japanese Knotweed. Jane S has asked that she be informed of when the work is planned in order to notify residents as the eradication work involves burning the plants.

9. Update from Neighourhood Partnership meeting. Nothing to update.

10. Friends of Rocheid Path.

Caro and Ian updated the meeting. A strategy has been developed for maaging the path e.g. cutting back ivy to hinder its growth, clean up of dell, planting of fruit trees in triangle. Lagan have been asked about the fruit trees in the triangle (the grassy area that is currently the access road from the Water of Leith to Arboretum Avenue). The notes from the FoRP meetings will be placed in the website. Action: Isobel.

11. Newsline.

The colour version was unanimously agreed as preferable to the black & white. The invoice fo £96 has still to be received.

12. Website. Nothing to report.

13. Grapevine. Now at 118 members. Quite active.

14. AOCB. Morag had emailed Gill to say that if cash, if required, could be arranged for purchases for the Jubilee Party. Not required ust now.

Cathy Bell, St Bernard’s Row, had asked Ian if there were any volunteers to collect for the lifeboats. Ian agreed to get her email address so an email could be sent round Grapevine.

Date of Next Meeting. 8pm Monday 28th May at Dorothy’s