April 2011 Meeting Notes

Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association Committee Meeting 11th April, 2011.

1. Apologies. Richard, Jane Smith, Morag Fitchet, Isobel Bathgate.

Present:- Ian Cunningham, Gill Brittle, Dorothy Dobson, Jane Wood, Chris Lumb, Jean Butterworth.

Rose Pipes also attended the meeting for item 6 and because of this, item 6 was dealt with first.

6. Flood Prevention. Rose updated the meeting with some background on the matter of the trees that are marked for felling and the emergency meeting held at 2pm on Monday 11th April to discuss the matter. Seven trees have been marked for felling. They are on the bank of the Water of Leith in Rocheid Path. At a meeting of Friends of Rocheid Path people tried to establish who had marked the trees, why they had marked the trees and what was going to happen to them. It became obvious that there was a breakdown in communication between the Flood Defence contractor (Lagan), CEC (John Wharrie) and Parks Department(Ritchie Fraser). The situation now is that Lagan have marked the trees to be felled since they are at a narrow part of the Water of Leith. As the temporary access road is built along the river bank, there is a possibility that the water will back up causing floods if this narrow point is not widened. The meeting felt that we are in a very difficult position since we are not able to question the experts yet the confusing situation regarding what was happening to the trees and why, did not convince us that everyone was on top of the issue.

It now looks as if the trees will have to come down. The bank is very eroded and so they may therefore topple. Also the trees are virtually strangled with ivy. The meeting supported getting more established trees as replacements as opposed to saplings. We need to ensure this promise is honoured at the end of the flood defence work.

It was agreed that we would request a meeting with John Wharrie, representatives from Lagan, Stuart Mackay. We would open it to Street Convenors, Friends of Rocheid Path, Colonies residents and members of SCRA committee to discuss detailed workplans, schedule, questions around the management fo the site, reinstatement process. Action: Gill

Access to the plans from the Colonies website would also be very useful. Action: Chris.

The meeting thanked Rose and she left the meeting.

2. New Committee Member. Richard couldn’t make this meeting but is happy to join the committee and will make the next meeting.

3. Acceptance of Meeting Note. The meeting note from the 7th February 2011 meeting was accepted.

4. Dates for your diary. The quiz night ran successfully on 1st April. 9 tables were sold and another very good night was had by all attendees.Action: Morag to report on money raised. Secretary’s note. £168 were taken, hire of hall was £60 so profit of £108 was made.

Spring Clean Scotland. 17th April at 11am. Jane reported that around 11 people had volunteered to help and it would be great if more people turn up.

Yard Sale. Already 7 people have stated that they will be involved. Dorothy’s grandson, Duncan, will host the tombola. Donated prizes to be given to Dorothy for the tombola. Home baking to go to Chris. Action: All.

Garden Competition. Tony Garn from the Botanics is the judge. Jane has already put up posters and send out emails. Action: Gill to check rosettes. Dorothy to ask Buffalo Grill if they would donate a voucher.

Spud in a Bucket. Good news as all buckets have been sold.

5. AGM.  Around 50 people attended which is the best attendance for many years. It was a very poitive, well mannered meeting, excellently chaired by Chris.

Meeting note from the AGM was accepted.

Thanks to be sent to Anne Liddle for preparing accounts and Tanfield Bowling CLub for the use of the bar. Action: Gill.

Actions to be covered in 2011 are all covered by current agenda items.

7. Environment.

Benches for Snakey. The wording for the plaque was discussed and the following was agreed.

These benches have been installed for all to have a seat and enjoy the views, or just have a rest.

 Many Colonies residents and SCRA Committee members strived quietly behind the scenes and James Edward Fairfield (1946-2010),  a long time resident of both Dunrobin and Balmoral Place, re-designed the Snakey, to provide this green space.

Without the thoughtfulness and determination from all concerned there might not even be a Snakey today!



Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association 2011

The plaque should be placed so it can be seen as you walk up the Snakey – on the side, vertical part of the wall before the higher bench. A smallish plaque is preferred. Action: Morag.

Dog Fouling. The lack of bins is not helping the increased incidence of dog fouling. It was suggested that SCRA puchase some doggie bins from the council. However, it’s important that these bins be emptied by the council. Action: Jane W.

Street Lights. The poll is now live on the web site. We are still awaiting an update from CEC regarding future plans for installation. Action: Ian.

8. Update from Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting. Ian and Jean could not attend the last meeting. Issue of private house removing established trees from public land on Rocheid Path and replacing them with fruit trees will be raised.

9. Friends of Rocheid Path. Two well attended meetings have been held with attendees from many local groups. However, no office bearers have been identified and so it may be that the interests of the amenity will be governed by The North Neighbourhood Team.

10. Newsline. Printing sorted now for future editions. It was agreed to do one per year since we have many other ways of sending out information now e.g. website, grapevine, noticeboards.

11. Website. Street Convenors page to be updated with convenors name but no phone numbers. Action: Gill to ask Morag to put Police report on website.

12. Grapevine. No update.

 13. AOCB. Ian indicated that he would like to stand down as Chair but wants to continue to be on the committee continuing the liaison he does with other groups e.g. Neighbourhood Partnership, Friends of Rocheid Path. All present at the meeting thanked him for all his work on the committee and agreed that it would be great if he continued in the liaison role. Ian agreed to think about what his role of chair involves and bring this to the next meeting. Nobody volunteered to take on the Chair at this point.  Action: Ian.

14. Date of Next Meeting. Monday 6th June, 8pm.