AGM 2017 – notes

Stockbridge Colonies Residents Association AGM Thursday 30 March 2017
Venue: Tanfield Bowling Club

Committee: Be Morris, Caro Tulloch, Dorothy Dobson, Ian McLean, Irene McGowan,
Rose Pipes, Edith Wellwood

Apologies: Elke Williams, Liz Law, Samantha Dick

Attendance: 26 in total 18 residents and 8 committee members.

1. Minutes of previous AGM March 2016 were accepted as accurate and will be posted on the Colonies website.

2. Matters Arising
It was observed from the floor that there are still issues with the bins such as non-collection. There is room for improvement with the collections and it was requested that this matter is raised with the Council again.

3. Annual Reports
Stone Pillars and Plinths
Council has agreed on location of these but action on this is dependent on resource being made available from the Council. These are the ones from Bells Bridge and the agreed relocation is the east side of the path at the entrance from Inverleith.

Rocheid Path Consultation
The Council have processed the results of their survey, which are broadly in line with SCRA recommendations which essentially means little change.
Volunteers needed to assist with pruning shrubs and plants along the path when request is sent out. Suggestions that the time for this be changed from a Sunday morning to another time so see if more people from the Colonies will volunteer.

Outstanding Flood Wall Works
Negotiations ongoing with the Council on how to address walking on the flood wall and ledge. Council accept that appropriate action on this should be taken.

Council have agreed to lower pavements at end of streets to make them more passable for people. Action still outstanding on this.

Sunflower growing
This was affected by bad weather and slugs last year. It is difficult to find suitable plants for people to grow successfully and also to judge. Decision has been made to skip it for this year. A suggestion was made that people be encouraged to grow fruit trees in the Colonies gardens. It was agreed that Alaister Hulbert would prepare information posting for the website on the benefits of growing fruit trees.

Gardening Competition
There were 4 entrants for the most improved garden last year which was a good response for this category. This year the judging time has been brought forward to the Spring. The idea of the gardening competition is to encourage people to grow things rather than just paving over their garden. A suggestion was made that people should be encouraged to have more window boxes or grow spuds in a bag/bucket.

This was a great success again with thanks to Hamish Moore and the quality of the musicians and performers. It was another sell out in 2017. The 2018 one will be on the 6 January.

Carol Singing
There was a good turn-out for this with £532 raised for the Refugee Survival Trust.

Creative Colonies and Yard Sale
We removed registration cost for Creative Colonies as numbers involved were low. Fee for Yard Sale is also being reduced to £5 as a consequence of the healthy balance in the SCRA accounts.

Quiz Night
Fewer teams this year but it was an enjoyable evening and raised £110 for Edinburgh Care and Repair.

4. Presentation of Accounts
The accounts were ratified with no objections.

5. Election of committee members for 2017/18
The following existing committee members were re-elected:
Be Morris
Caro Tulloch
Dorothy Dobson
Edith Wellwood
Elke Williams
Irene McGowan
Samantha Dick
Angus Millar proposed as new member and this was seconded and welcomed by all.

Leaving Members:
Be expressed gratitude on behalf of all to Ian and Rose for their substantial and valuable contribution to the work of the Committee over the years.

6. Election of Street Convenors for 2017/18
The existing Street convenors were re-elected with a new convenor for Hugh Miller high/Rintoul high

Reid Terrace High/Bridge Place​​​ – Be Morris
Reid Terrace low/Hugh Miller high​​ – Joan Battersby
Hugh Miller high/Rintoul High​​​ – Lois Ratcliffe
Rintoul low/Colville low​​​​ – Jan Tapson
Colville high/Collins high​​​ – Irene McGowan
Collins low/Balmoral high​​​ – Bill Brownlee
Balmoral low/Dunrobin high​​​ – Chris Lumb
Dunrobin low/Teviotdale high​​​ – Jane Wood
Teviotdale low/Avondale high​​​ – Christine Mclaren
Avondale low/Kemp high​​​ – Rose Pipes
Kemp low/Bell high​​​​ – Lorinda Calder
Bell low/Glenogles​​​​ – Joyce Anderson

7. Ideas from the Floor
1 .  Support was expressed for closing the streets for certain events ie the Yard Sale.
2. “Seed money” from Colonies Fund could be used to start up new activities as was done for the Choir which is now self- sufficient.
3. Pétanque – Jane Wood said she would organise this.
4. Concern about slippery wet leaves on Gabriels’s Steps and suggestion that residents volunteer to sweep the steps.
5. Jean lamented the loss of the bench at Bell’s Bridge and Linda suggested that as SCRA have plenty of funds, might we consider replacing it. Ian agreed we would look into this with the Council – them installing, us buying.