16th June 2014 Meeting Notes

Friends of Rocheid Path, (FORP)

Minutes of the Meeting of The Friends of Rocheid Path, held Monday 16th June 2014 at Stockbridge Library

Present: Ian Hooper(IH); Josie Inwood(JI); Ian Cunningham(IC); Gus Schwarz(GS); Pam Barnes(PB); Maureen Hodge(MH); Caro Tulloch(CT); Stephen Jones(SJ); Joan Beattie(JB); Be Morris(BM); Andrew Hajduki(AH);

1. Apologies David Gow, Rose Pipes, Pat Bryden, Ann Serjeantson,

2. Minutes of last meeting approved.

Any matters arising will be covered in these minutes.

3. Progress Report


The full report went out with the notification of the meeting (Friends of Rocheid Path June 2014) and was used as a starting point for discussion at this meeting. IH has met Ian McLean of Stockbridge Colonies Residents’ Association (SCRA) to discuss the work outstanding following completion of the flood defence works. If CEC terminate the contract with Lagan the cost of remedial work carried out by CEC will be reclaimed from Lagan.

IC asked that we refer to the dell area by its proper name, The Bell’s Park. There has been no progress on CEC plans to consult the residents over plans to improve access to the park. MH and CT concerned about plans and were assured that the residents would be consulted before any decisions were made.

On the upper bank backing on to 23 -27 Inverleith Terrace, work done as part of the last volunteer effort has caused concern to CEC. It has alays been in the plan to reduce the laurel growing along the bank, most of which has spread beyond reasonable and manageable proportion. Overly enthusiastic clearing by the volunteers has resulted in CEC calling a halt to volunteer activity for the time being.

There remains some hope that we can continue to reduce the laurel in this area and replace it with more suitable trees and shrubs.



4. Volunteering

The debris from the last 3 sessions remains heaped up at various points along the path. MH was concerned about the piles of rubbish and IC commented that many users of the path get a terrible first impression as one of the largest piles is just inside the gate. JI reported that CEC position is that the debris created by the volunteers was proving a problem as they had no resources to deal with it. Because of this and the upper bank, the volunteering had to stop. Burning the rubbish has been ruled out completely, CEC report that the Fire Service has requested that there be no burning of debris on public ground.

This is a very disappointing outcome.

5. Constitution of the Friends Group

IH proposed the forming of a more structured committee, where various interested parties had formal representation, eg Colonies residents, Inverleith Terrace residents, Water of Leith Trust, etc. PB felt that the existing constitution already provided for that and that when the committee was formed, it did represent several interested parties. IH will look at existing constitution and report back. No matter how the committee is formed, meetings will always be open to the general public.


Sometime in April, the litter bin at the West Gate was removed. Despite emails to the council and the park ranger, we still have no bin. People continue to place bags of dog mess and other rubbish in neat little piles where the bin once stood. JI will try again to have it replaced.

6 .Date of next meeting              Monday 8th September, 6:30 Stockbridge Library.

All Friends welcome to attend these meetings.